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We developed a program for the training of Illinois Police Officers in Self Help Repossession Law. This training course was sent to all 16 Mobile Training Units Throughout the State of Illinois As well as Cook County and the City of Chicago and is being utilized and taught by myself throughout the State.

Law Enforcement & the Self-Help Repossession Process

Course Cost is $95.00


Illinois Law Enforcement

Continuing Education Course No. 070117 Self-Help (Non-Judicial) Repossessions

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In the case of Northside Motors of Florida, Inc. v. Brinkley, 282 So. 2nd (FL 1973), the court’s ruling states, in part, “The Supreme Court of the United States has since emphasized and re-emphasized that state action will not be found in the purely private conduct of an individual voluntary engaged in without some form of active assistance or cooperation on the part of the state.” This means that law enforcement shall not be involved in the self-help (non-judicial) repossession process unless some violation of law occurs.

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